All Classes and Interfaces

A collection of utility methods for accessing and manipulating files.
Provides utilities for parsing various string formats.
Fired when a user has authenticated themselves
Fired when a user is (un)banned
The base event for all fired by this plugin.
The plugin message listener to messages from the proxy server.
Fired when a user is kicked
Bukkit wrapper for GSAuthListenerStandalone
Fired when a user is reminded to authenticate themselves
Fired when a user is (un)muted
Fired when a user is warned
Handles various events related to onboarding function.
Represents pieces of floating text ingame.
Represents an actual in-world hologram.
Provides methods to show holograms to players.
Handles player onboarding functionality.
Parses placeholders in strings.
Holds configuration for the onboarding room.
Handles loading and retrieval of onboarding room configuration files.
Loads a world, either one that already exists, or from a zip inside the plugin.