Introducing GSBans: A Modern Punishment Plugin for Minecraft Servers

A Minecraft server plugin for rule enforcement, staff management, and punishments with support from professionals


We are pleased to announce our brand new plugin for Minecraft Java Edition Servers (with Bedrock support via Geyser), GSBans! This plugin brings the punishment and rule enforcement features of our GSAuth service to a broad range of Minecraft servers at an affordable price, and we're just getting started.

In all of our conversations with hundreds of Minecraft server owners, we found one challenge regularly pop up that we know we can help solve. Server owners and staff managers can sometimes struggle with staff training, performance improvements, and creating consistent rule enforcement policies as their communities grow.

What is GSBans?

GSBans is an alternative to other punishment plugins for Minecraft servers, built with a fresh perspective brought in from our work in the gaming industry. We know through our team's years of experience in the industry, and by running our own Minecraft servers, that keeping a community going strong isn't just about punishing bad actors: It's about understanding your community better and keeping your staff team motivated as they work on the front line.

GSBans has all of the common punishment commands that Minecraft servers are already used to, with some modern upgrades that will make your lives as server owners easier and more fulfilling.

GSBans Helps Train Staff Better

We've included our research-driven 37 categories of harmful behaviors that happen in multiplayer environments to make it easy for staff to consistently describe the incidents that occur. This makes staff training and onboarding processes smoother, and makes it actually possible to understand what's happening on your server.

When moderator teams don't follow consistent formats for their rule enforcement, it becomes impossible for servers to breakdown what is happening in the community.

One server that we looked at with several million punishments recorded over 4 years and 100+ moderators showed over 30,000 different formats, typos, and categories of behaviors in their punishment logs! This means that staff managers are unable to identify problem areas in their community, which prevents server owners from understanding the impact that their advertising campaigns and growth strategies have on the players over time.

Deeper Analytics and Understanding

With 28% of players leaving games entirely when they experience certain toxic behaviors, wouldn't it be a good idea to know what kind of toxicity is most active on a server so that you can work to prevent it?

That's why GSBans includes a monthly email report that looks at both the staff performance and player behaviors over the past month with an easy to read and actionable set of statistics. Staff managers can see which team members are most attentive to certain behaviors, and get a solid grasp on how the players are changing over time.

Of course, we wouldn't be GamerSafer without putting our mission of making gaming safer for millions of players, that's why we have resources to back you up when there are criminal behaviors or severe harms that are reported through the GSBans plugin. If you run into a serious situation that you're unsure how to navigate, we want to help you make the right decisions to keep your players safe.

There's plenty more information over on the GSBans resource page at MC-Market, where we are proud to be launching our plugin for the public to buy for a one-time $5 cost. Check it out at the link below!

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