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Two-Factor Authentication w/ Liveness Detection

Auto-Block Known Hackers, Bots, & More

LuckPerms Integration

Starting with 3,000 Authentications


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Age-Based Validation & Access

Multi-Network Ban/Block Sharing

Staff Training and Tools

Plugin-Based Developer API

Starting with 13,000 Authentications


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Player Analytics & Behavior Insights

Direct Developer API Access

Eligible for GamerSafer Promoted Server List

Early Access to New Features

Store Extra Context on Bans & Reports

Starting with 35,000 Authentications

The Netherite Tier

The Netherite Tier is separate from the above tiers and custom-fitted for servers with the most unique needs. Pricing starts at $5/month depending on the features that are chosen. Netherite Tier customers that show the highest commitment to player safety and industry-standard guidelines are also invited to join our Trusted Server Program. Contact Us For More Info!


Step 1 – User securely links their Game Account with their GamerSafer Profile via the app.

Step 2 – When a player logs into the game their account is verified as existing within the GamerSafer Database.

Step 3 – The player will be prompted by the game to authenticate using the GamerSafer App, similar to 2FA.

Step 4 – Access and permissions are automatically granted based on your game's uniquely defined needs and the preferences of the player.


Our vision is to scale online safety, positive and fair play experiences to millions of players worldwide. 

We build safety tools for the gaming and Esports industry to enable proactive intervention, promote a player-centric approach, and cultivate integrity and trust. Our Minecraft team has years of experience running servers and developing plugins for public and private use.



Address the source of severe transgressions before they happen, driving prevention at-scale and fostering more positive experiences and interactions.



Empower players to share their preferences to deliver compatible experiences, protect their gameplay, and cultivate accountability with transparency.



Design focused on addressing content, conduct, and contact risks, data minimization & transparency, and compliance with evolving regulatory standards.

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Why do I need to verify who the account owner is?

One of the main uses of GamerSafer is to make sure that staff accounts have not been stolen before granting them permissions which can cause damage to the server or community.

How many times have you punished a player for griefing or hacking, only to immediately receive a ban appeal claiming that it was a younger brother or sister who acted inappropriately? When players authenticate with GamerSafer, you know with certainty that the account owner was the one who logged in, and the ban appeal can be dismissed.

In competitive events this secure identity verification is even more useful, as you can prevent accounts that were stolen or smurfs from logging in and causing the integrity of the event to go down.

What is Liveness Detection?

When players and staff authenticate with the GamerSafer app, they are asked to take a selfie to verify their identity before access and permissions are granted on your server. This feature checks if the player is in motion in a live environment to prevent fake logins.

Why do you need parental consent for underage players?

Many Minecraft players are young. Collecting their personal data, even an IP Address, requires your compliance the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and other government regulations. This is why many companies, including Mojang, ask for parental consent before granting certain features to their child users.

GamerSafer's parental consent flow allows parents to grant permission for their children to join a Minecraft server, which can save you headaches when trying to comply with privacy regulations, and also help you if parents ask for information about how your server will use their child's behavior and data.

What kind of player can I auto-block from joining my server?

Depending on the type of community that you run and the rules you have in place, you may use this feature to automatically prevent known hackers, griefers, bots, and more from joining your server.

There are dozens of categories that you can choose from, and players that have been banned by Trusted Servers for any categories that are important to you can also have their permissions restricted or network access entirely blocked.

Policies and systems are in place to prevent manipulation of these Trusted Server ban and report lists to make sure the players you want in your community are able to join. And you can fine-tune these restrictions based on your server’s unique needs.

How does age validation work?

Our proprietary technology analyses the selfie scan to ensure that the player's stated age matches what we see.

Whether you run a server for children and want to keep adults away, or have a network just for adults and don't want minors to disrupt the flow of games, you can rely on our age validation systems to make sure that only the demographics you want on your server are able to join.

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