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Server NameFeatured - #GS4MC Discord Community
IdentityA server community that has a strong and well defined sense of who they are, why they exist, and what they stand for can execute their plans with excellence. These questions lay the groundwork that all other aspects of a community should adhere to, which is why we focus on “Identity” first.
1. Purpose

Drive more awareness and action towards player safety, fair play, and community engagement in Minecraft

Build a community of server teams who care about safety and fair play
Offer resources for healthy community management
Create a safe space to have hard conversations about challenging topics that affect server owners

2. Identity

Minecraft server teams and community managers

Ask servers “What are your expectations? Why did you want to join this Discord?”
If they are misaligned with our goals and intentions, clarify the values for them to help them become positive, contributing members in the community.

3. ValuesSafety – Welcome questions/opinions with respect and no judgement
3.2Open Mindset – Look for unique solutions and approaches to problems
3.2Collaboration – Support the efforts of community members in the mission of building safer experiences
4. Success Definition

1500 members
15%-20% of members being active each week
Healthy Safety Ambassadors Program

ExperienceHow do the players perceive your community? How do you use the Identity of the server to create activities and roles that players will get value from? What actually happens on the server to reinforce the Identity? This is the focus of the second set of “Experience” questions.
5. Experience

New members must accept the rules before they can see other channels. Each are welcomed to the server. New members should be asked by Hosts what brings them to the community and to share a brief intro so others can get to know them.

Hosts should regularly engage with other members by asking thought-provoking questions relating to player safety and community management.

We should prioritize showing that change can be made by sharing practical and real experiences/stories on how challenges are overcome.

Promote community contributions and conversations in newly created content, resources, and blog posts that expand on the topics people discuss.

When replying to members, try to ask open questions to keep conversations moving forward and involving perspectives from other members.

6. Roles

Discord Manager: GamerSafer team member with Minecraft experience. Manages the Discord Operations and makes final decisions for the direction.

Team Coach: Advisor, mentor, and confidante for Volunteer Hosts and Discord Manager. Helps with conflict resolution, mental health support, and strategic decision discussions.

Volunteer Hosts: Members committed to the Community vision - enforcing rules, fostering conversation, and moderating chat

Safety Ambassadors: Community Members that are part of our Partner Program who share practical stories about player mgt and advocate for the mission publicly.

7. Rules

These points explain the spirit of the rules of our community which you can see translated into the formal rules shown in the #discord-guide channel.

We value a constructive tone. ”Don’t use your words as weapons.”

“Respect other people’s boundaries. Don't send unsolicited requests or messages to others in direct message or chat.”

“Some topics of discussion may be challenging or uncomfortable due to the nature of player safety concerns. It’s OK to ask hard questions about hot topics, but that’s not an invitation to debate politics, religion, or be disrespectful about other people’s backgrounds and cultures.”

When using voice chat channels, entering a conversation and immediately trolling, swearing, or intentionally angering other members may result in an immediate kick or ban rather than a warning.

GovernanceWhile many Minecraft servers start with great ambition and excitement, only a few survive for the long run. This section asks: what gives your community stability and helps it run smoothly? What do operations and procedures look like? What risks could prevent your community from thriving?
8. Leadership

Hosts are empowered to make decisions based on rule enforcement in order to warn, kick, or ban members from the Discord. This is to make sure that risks of harm are immediately stopped before more damage is done. Screenshots and evidence should be recorded for posterity. The GS and Host team will discuss each punishment privately afterward and if the group decides that a punishment was inappropriate, the offending member will be messaged privately.

Any major decisions made about the format or direction of the GS4MC Discord will be done as a group. This includes hearing the valuable perspectives of the Volunteer Hosts.

Final decisions will always be made by the GS Discord Manager, with the support needed from the GamerSafer team. These decisions must be in alignment with the goals and values outlined in this document and the company mission.

9. Security and Safety

GamerSafer – Users do a one-time authentication to get full permissions in channels. Proactive protection.

CrossLink – Proactive and preventive. Blocks harmful, phishing, and suspicious links or files from being shared.

Helper.gg – Allows members to proactively create private chat “tickets” where they can share information and get direct support from us.

The main risk comes from trolls and scammers targeting the GS4MC mission. They will be immediately banned using the GamerSafer service. Other communities can utilize these bans in their own servers.

10. Communication

GS Team Members and Hosts should keep communications as public and authentic as possible so that we’re continually adding value to the community.

Different public channels are used for different purposes when talking with members. See the #discord-guide to understand the topics for each channel. There should be at least one post made in each public channel each week by GS team members to keep conversations active.

Internal communication between managers can be done in the team member’s voice channel “Rooms” or the group channels.

The private dev-chat should be used to track internal product development updates and discussions. The private team-chat channel should be used for other internal discussions not related to development.

Date CreatedJune 17, 2021
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