Defeat cheaters, griefers, and toxicity while promoting safe and fair play.

World-leading technology to scale safety and fair play.


Java 1.17.1 IP: GSMCDEMO.COM

Join the GamerSafer Plugin Demo Server on Minecraft Java Edition 1.12 to 1.16 at the IP address:

SOON you will be able to help the Villagers clean up toxicity and get their factory working while learning about our app and plugin features for Minecraft communities.


Using our plugin, app, and API, you can unlock these tools and more with GamerSafer for Minecraft:

Account Verification

GamerSafer uses liveness detection and face matching to verify user identity before granting them access permissions on your server.


Banking-grade secure two-factor authentication to prevent fraud and account theft.

The Right Players Stay

Identify player behaviors to deliver customized and safer experiences while preventing known griefers and hackers from joining at all.

Platform Compliance

Proactively manage content, conduct, and contact risks, and comply with evolving privacy regulations and safety standards. 

Adaptive Permissions

Prevent players from getting access permissions on your server based on their reputation and other specific criteria you choose.

Age Assurance

Implement age-appropriate strategies, features, and services for children and adults that prevent exploitation and abuse.

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